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There is hardly any information about Crosby’s dating life.
“We’ve been completely happy ever since, we both feel we can be completely free,” Cornudo says.

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Should I have spent my time on more productive endeavors like my job or DIY household projects? First, I took it upon myself to create the below playlist on Spotify and I even tracked down a few entrance songs that aren’t listed on the site.

For example, the Orioles website doesn’t list Hyun-Soo Kim’s entrance song of “BANG BANG BANG” by “Big Bang” – perhaps this is all part of the vast conspiracy to minimalize Kim’s role on the team, but let’s save that topic for another day.

There is one problem here though — every time Blair draws four balls this could start to feel uncomfortably self righteous.

John Jones, junior catcher: "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash, 2006.

Mitch Williams, a former Cub who said he pitched like his hair was on fire, entered to “Wild Thing” and then launched fastballs that landed everywhere from the catcher’s mitt to the visiting team’s water fountain.Key Lyrics: "I'ma do this one for my homies gone/ the judge hit the hammer they ain't coming home/ We all are from the danger zone/ the devil pulled the card and he said choose one."Analysis: The track's music video stars Michael K.Williams, who played the iconic anti-hero Omar Little in HBO's "The Wire." Williams' character is best known for his signature scar and his foreboding, shotgun-wielding walk that usually precludes violence. After adding adding 25 pounds of muscle this offseason and taking over the cleanup spot in South Carolina's lineup, SEC pitchers may come to feel the same way about Cullen.Doesn't he know that Yankees' closer Mariano "The Sandman" Rivera has been using that song in the Bronx for years?Rivera has said that he doesn't mind (he prefers Christian music), but that hasn't stopped Yankees fans from mocking Wagner (even though he's been using the song since 1996, a few years before Rivera).That's probably because it's free: your body makes it when sunlight touches your skin.