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It's all to celebrate the launch of our new dating site, New Scientist Connect.

After refreshing your techniques with our guide to Darwinian dating, be sure to read about how DNA can make or break the rules of attraction.

Setting out to release their two DVD/one CD set entitled Life on the Murder Scene in November 2005 and a fourth album by 2006, My Chemical Romance kept continuing their dominance in North America as they successfully made a sold-out concert at San Antonio, Texas on September 24, 2005.

What is more, they amazingly secured two nominations at the 2005 MTVu "Woodie" Awards, including the major category, Woodie of the Year, shortly after their great attainment to collect five MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

It is the third first date I’ve been on in the year since my 25-year marriage ended, and the only one I can picture leading to a second. I figure you might be up for a challenge.” His bluntness stuns me.

“You can think of me like that motorcycle.” He ticks options on his fingers: “I can be boyfriend material,” first finger. “I can be someone to get serious with later, when you’re done grieving your marriage, if we’re both still interested,” ring finger. Isn’t dating supposed to be a kind of guessing game?

For that final inspiration injection, read our photo comic about Linda's DNA dating adventure.

For many years, sex had been the rubber band that held our marriage together, the oxytocin producer that made us feel warm and loving toward one another.

We used it to smooth the rough patches, and over two and a half decades and three kids, there were a lot of those.

Seeing the effects of the attacks first-hand prompted Way to change his views on life in the following weeks. I've gotta make a difference.'" Soon after, My Chemical Romance began to assemble as a band.

He told Spin magazine, "I literally said to myself, 'Fuck art. Way has contributed vocally to bands such as Every Time I Die's "Kill the Music", Head Automatica's "Graduation Day", Say Anything's "In Defense of the Genre", and The Oval Portrait's "From My Cold Dead Hands" and "Barnabus Collins Has More Skeletons in His Closet Than Vincent Price".