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Mysql automatically updating foreign keys

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Otherwise, they serve very different purposes and each is governed by its own set of rules.That said, they can often be related to each other in very important ways, but they still remain separate entities.

I modified my WHERE clause to include all the columns of my primary key in the table (PRS_BSNS_SGMNT, PRS_BSNS_SUB_SGMNT, PRS_DATE, PRS_WOO_PRCS_ID). declare cursor c1 is select PRS_BSNS_SGMNT, PRS_BSNS_SUB_SGMNT, PRS_DATE, PRS_WOO_PRCS_ID,prs_sts from prcs_sts where PRS_BSNS_SGMNT = 'FRX' AND PRS_BSNS_SUB_SGMNT = 'USDINR' AND PRS_DATE = '28-MAR-02' AND PRS_WOO_PRCS_ID = 'PF31' for update of prs_sts; begin for c1_rec in c1 loop update prcs_sts set prs_sts = 'Y' where current of c1; end loop; end; / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to rename tables using My SQL RENAME TABLE statement and ALTER TABLE statement.Because business requirements change, we need to rename the current table to a new one to better reflect the new situation.A primary key provides a mechanism for ensuring that the rows in a table are unique.The values contained in the column or columns that make up the primary key serve to identify each of those rows.For example, you should investigate which applications are using the table.