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Nelly dating melyssa ford

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I never expected Rihanna to hold undying resentment against Chris Brown, but there's a noteworthy distinction between forgiveness and fondling.

Melyssa Ford and the president of Brown's fan club obviously don't agree.

readers include Misa Hylton-Brim, Angela Simmons and "BET Style" Host Melyssa Ford.

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Seriously, the fact that we live in a society where that question exists does not bode well for humanity.

When she was asked whether music videos, overall, are "demeaning to women", Ford replied, "Yes, I definitely have to say that".

Model-actress Melyssa Ford is wasting no time to put the brake on the false circulating reports that she has an affair with Ashanti's boyfriend Nelly and has been spotted spending time with him in Las Vegas and Miami.

“For the guys that don’t really want to find out who I really am, good riddance to bad rubbish,” she says. Before we find Melyssa a man who doesn’t care about her butt, let’s check in at matchmakin’ headquarters. Here’s what we know about Candace so far: she’s worked as a “love coach, life coach, lawyer [and] actress,” and when asked if she wants pasta for lunch, she responds, “Salad for me—I’m trying to keep it tight.” I MISS DESTIN AND RACHEL SO MUCH YOU GUYS. I’m not sure Melyssa got the message about nixing the vixen or whatever, because this is what she wears to her mixer: She proceeds to have an awkward conversation with a group of guys hand-picked by Patti.

But don’t worry, you guys, our pal Patti is the same as always. Eventually, she concludes that Melyssa is still a husband-less loser because she’s been leading with her vagina all this time. You know you’re running low on conversation topics when a guy’s asking you, “So, are you in love with animals?