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Numpages field not updating

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Word provides a way to always update your links when opening a document.You can do this by following these steps: That setting should make sure that all your links are always up to date.This can take a while when the document gets large Set obj Doc = Active Document For Each obj Fld In obj Doc. Type = wd Field Ref Then 'Updates Cross References obj Fld. Type = wd Field Page Then 'Updates Page Numbers obj Fld. Type = wd Field Num Pages Then 'Updates Total Page Count obj Fld. Type = wd Field Sequence Then 'Updates Sequence Fields obj Fld.Update End If Next obj Fld Protect Document End Sub @omar Unprotect Document is a function that removes protection from the document in order to allow the macro to edit things outside of the form fields. Screenupdating = True End Sub Sub Update All Fields() Unprotect Document 'Update All Fields Macro Dim obj Doc As Document Dim obj Fld As Field 'Updates the specified form fields.She wants the pages numbered beginning with 1, but that is actually the second page of the document.Stephanie wondered if there is a way in Word to force the updating of all fields and links in a document when either opening or saving (closing) the file.

I previously had multiple if statements and thought maybe that was the problem, so I reformatted it as you see above. The macro runs fine but just updates the page numbers to the wrong value. Update End Select Next obj Fld Protect Document End Sub Thanks. I also commented out the sub functions to ensure they weren't causing a conflict, and yet the problem persists.i, too, wish there was a way to get fields to update in documents by default, or at least without resorting to macros (which are disabled and difficult).The "filename" field in particular is my pain point.), is selected and then F9 is pressed or Selection. Not all fields in such a frame are updated automatically. Deleting pages also works OK, unless there's only 1 page left. Range Dim o Fld As Field For Each o Range In Active Document. So I typed it in and made a typo; in reality I use the same syntax as you did.Unfortunately, you cannot move this frame "as is" to the header, since it contains form fields. In that case after updating or with printpreview it says 1 of 2.... In the meantime, I discovered some other strange behaviour regarding my global code-only-template, so I'll investigate the possibillity of corruption.If you want to update the fields when the document is opened, you'll need to use a macro to accomplish the task.