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Old fashioned dating rituals

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Many of us remember, appreciate and long for the days of traditional dating. Yes, way before the world of swiping left and right, meeting solely for the purpose of one-night stands and the agony that is online dating, the game of love had, well, actual rules. We asked our Facebook followers to reminisce about some of the things they miss most about dating -- back in the day -- and we got an outpouring of responses.

Here's what it seems we're all missing out on in the modern age: We won't be naive and say premarital sex never happened but sex on a first date wasn't really expected.

By applying a few old school dating rituals we should bring back, you will have no problem standing apart from the crowd of men who handle dating with timidity.

Listed below are the 12 old school dating rituals we should bring back: Many of the following suggestions will fall under the category of leadership.

To be a leader you must be assertive and act without hesitation or lose your dates interest before you even have a chance to chat.

Car doors/restaurant doors, This is dating 101, and it will be noticed.

It’s a basic courtesy which I extend to my mother, sister, and friends as well, and it shows you have some manners.