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On Monday her interview with The Hollywood Reporter was released. 'I would probably wear a little summer dress, a silky dress or something like that,' Hadid told The Hollywood Reporter of the ideal Cortez ensemble.

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Washer even goes as far as to refer to the sinner's prayer as the idolatry of decisionism at in the video.

Lordship Salvation is a backdoor approach to the Roman catholic teaching of works salvation.

The way God presented her reveals the importance and sacredness of marriage.

As parents, we must be directly involved in this process.

Lord, help us as Christians to be the wives and moms that you desire us to be. To receive posts directly to your inbox, enter your email and click on “Subscribe Me.” Don’t miss a single bit of encouragement on being a wife and mom.

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Do you have tweens and teens and you’re concerned about the message they’re receiving from the world and even the church? Before that, finding a mate was done in a much more controlled and tame manner – even outside of the church among unbelievers.I preached from Genesis 2 and outlined the way God created Eve and presented her to Adam as his wife.Those whom God has accepted in the Beloved, and sanctified by His Spirit, will never totally nor finally fall away from the state of grace, but shall certainly persevere to the end; and That is spiritual poison. Paul Washer has a zeal, but it is not based on knowledge.Paul Washer believes in once saved always saved like Ray Comfort, R. Paul Washer will try to convince you, as all eternal security proponents do, that once a person becomes regenerated he will forever remain a child of God, even if he terribly backslides. NOTE: At times when Paul Washer teaches his false version of salvation security it is similar to John Mac Arthur (a different Calvinist).Description: This message is three short messages put together into one.