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Polite dating rejection letter

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Let us know which side you take – would you respond with a “thanks but no thanks”?Here’s what our experts say: In online dating world, even moderately attractive or seemingly successful members are showered with adoration as if they were celebrities.The other night a profile review client asked me how she should handle the following situation. All she said, per my instructions, was that she enjoyed his profile and that he should shoot her a message if he wanted to chat. There’s no need to make it abundantly clear that you aren’t interested.His response: *crickets* While I don’t think he was trying to be abrasive, that’s certainly how the message read. I advise all clients to not respond when they get an email from someone that does not interest them. I’m actually shocked that some people even send replies like this anymore.

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When they're not trolling Brooklyn for new material, Ehrlich works as an associate editor at and Bartz is news editor at Psychology Today. We're not about to tell you not to do those things.You need to know how to dish out rejection in an appropriate way.As with real life, you must do it quickly — and with a modicum of kindness, if possible.Or worse, they might be so broken down by the process that they ask you to explain why you didn’t feel you and they were a match.I know people will chime in and say that they prefer that someone at least takes the time to respond to them even if they aren’t interested.(CNN) -- Online dating seems like the pinnacle of modernity, an online meat market where glassy-eyed humans browse possible suitors, sorted for ease of shopping by size, shape and moral fabric. " Along with this savanna comes permission to do stuff that'd get you a drink in the face I. Sure, online dating could benefit from a protocol overhaul in terms of courtesy, but begging everyone to change the rules this late in the game would be stupid.