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Powerpoint chart legend not updating

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If the data series are plotted in this order, then that is the order in which they will appear in the legend from top to bottom (for legends positioned at the left or right of the chart) or from left to right (for legends positioned at the top or bottom of the chart).The key, then, is to change the order in which your data series are plotted, and then Excel automatically changes the order in which they are displayed in the legend.Avoid using Power Point text boxes to label your charts as they will be ignored by think-cell’s automatic label placement.When you create labels from think-cell’s context menu, the default content is taken from the datasheet or calculated by the program (in the case of column totals, averages, and the like).(If you want the data series to be plotted in an order different from which they appear in the legend, Excel cannot handle that.The legend order is always tied to the data series order.) To change the data series manually, try this little trick: click one of the data series in your chart.

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If you select the data range including the name of the column (or row) of your data, Calc will automatically assign the name.

If you'd like to change your legend's border color to make it more noticeable, click the Format Legend's "Border" button and then click "Color" to display a list of colors. If nothing happens when you click a color, click the "Solid Line" radio button to select it.

However, the order of those eight curves seems to be random.

In the Formula bar, you should see something like this: The SERIES function controls what is displayed for this particular data series (the one you selected by clicking).

I am working on a translation that is in Excel format and have come across a couple of 'legend entries' that need to be translated. Hi Jana, You can double-click on the legend entries as Natalie mentioned earlier - or you can go into the source area of the chart/graph/diagram (it is one of the tabs in "chart properties" window - or you can find this data area in a number of other ways). Jana Teteris wrote: I am working on a translation that is in Excel format and have come across a couple of 'legend entries' that need to be translated.