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Pros and cons of dating younger women

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True he might conveniently die of a heart attack at 80, having been a spry old thing up to the day he dies, but however full of beans he is, if he's like most men he'll be losing interest in sex just at the time when many women feel most sexually free, and another rather crucial part of the marriage may be going down the drain. (a state of affairs that is becoming increasing common, according to Denise Knowles of Relate) Same applies.

But there's the added disadvantage that the older woman might not be able to have children, and since there's nothing most men like more than reproducing themselves - it's in their jeans, as the actress said to the bishop - there may come a time when he starts looking around for someone who's fertile.

Or maybe one partner is settled and happy at home and the other one wants to travel and move to some place else. Whereas the older man might have left some issues like, for example, children behind, the younger woman might feel the desire to become a mum. Young and old partners can benefit big time from each other in relationships.

Younger women appreciate their older partners life experience, maturity and fatherly attitude.

Some of the women may have doubts of the relationship lasting.

Not many young men who are dating older women will go back to dating the younger women.

Added to this, the younger one's parents will probably be getting bit rocky, too, and he or she might end up with three oldies to look after, as well as teenage children, a bit much for anyone, particularly if the carer is a woman who's going through the menopause as well.

Then, why not change your approach and date a women that appreciates different things a man can offer.

However, these are just some positive aspects of dating an older woman.

This world, as of now, is only used to seeing older men with a younger woman.

It was looked down upon but with celebrities like Demi Moore dating younger men, now it’s being seen as a trend.

Websites have even been created to bring together older women and young men who want to date.