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Check out this extra motivation: Instagram is now owned by Facebook, which means that the original Instagram we met back in 2010 is not the same as what we have today. As a developer, pay special attention to the built-in CTA feature for stories as well as enhanced analytics—Instagram is slowly becoming a more marketing-friendly platform.

Again, because Instagram now has the backing of Facebook, we’re seeing a lot of overlap in what can be accomplished between the two platforms.

Because Instagram is a strictly visual social medium, this opens up the possibilities for how you can incorporate it into your Word Press site.

It used to just be that you’d connect the Instagram API to Word Press and then import a copy of the feed into a widget or sidebar.

It completely changed the way that content was distributed to readers.

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Trying to decide whether or not to use Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy?

If you’re not ‘gramming for your business yet, here are ten reasons why you should get started. As a Word Press developer, there are a few other reasons why you should be a fan of working with Instagram. Thanks to Facebook’s contribution, we now have live video capabilities, stories, scrolling photos, and sponsored post possibilities which all make it even more appealing for businesses to use in their marketing efforts.

Both can be time-consuming and involve some amount of filtering to find the good stuff. RSS aggregation takes RSS feeds from different sites and houses them in one location.

It can help your audience find information while bringing traffic to your Word Press site.