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We don't think there will be any drastic changes any time soon, but having the court agree to accept this case does open the door for possible changes.
The report states three of the victims were under the age of 16. Authorities in Nassau County began investigating the crimes after residents began reporting Francis around February 5.

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He disputes that the teasing bothered him—”I have a thick skin, and that was just Aves being Aves,” Brown says—but later adds, “Maybe it affected me in ways that I didn’t realize.” Numbers suggest Avery’s presence was affecting Brown more than he thought.

He scored 14 and 17 goals in his first two full seasons as a King, but after Lombardi traded Avery to the Rangers in 2007, Brown potted a career-high 33.

WATCH ABOVE: Lawyer Kathleen Zellner, famous for taking on wrongful conviction cases, has taken on Steve Avery's case after he was the subject of Netflix's hit documentary series "Making a Murder".

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While supporters rallied outside of the Manitowoc County Courthouse after Avery wrote a letter from prison last weekend, others are still claiming that Avery is guilty.

For example, the Wisconsin Department of Justice is seeking for Avery to be barred from release because he is a “flight risk,” and prosecutor Ken Kratz is looking to write a tell-all book about his involvement in the case.

“Making a Murderer” explores the case of Avery, a Wisconsin man who was imprisoned for sexual assault for 18 years before being exonerated on DNA evidence and released — only to be charged and convicted for the murder of a young woman (Halbach) three years later. I am really innocent of this case and that is the truth!!! ” In the three-page letter, he addressed accusations made by his former finance Jodi Stachowski, who said she believed he is guilty and claimed to have been abused by him. 29, Zellner tweeted out a picture of a note from Avery, which read, “To my supporters: I want every forensic test possible done because I am innocent.” 2.

Kratz successfully prosecuted Avery for the rape and murder of the photographer, the crime for which Avery is now serving a life sentence. 18, the series has strongly suggested that Avery was framed for the crime by Wisconsin law enforcement. 23, Avery sent a lengthy letter proclaiming his innocence from behind bars. Supporters protest outside Manitowoc County Courthouse Supporters of Avery and Brendan Dassey, Avery’s nephew also convicted of the murder of Halbach, protested near the Manitowoc County Courthouse on Jan. Hundreds were expected to participate in the rally, and although the group didn’t quite hit that quota, protest organizer Megan Mc Guinness told The Wrap it was a “perfect” protest.