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What separates the men from the boys is the man asks you out first. In all fairness, I haven't tried her flirting technique yet and I'm still single. Sometimes guys don't text first or take forever to respond — and I get that, you're busy, we all have work, sure. You can be in a relationship or be dating someone and they get complacent.

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Research suggests that queer people are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and addiction or substance abuse. It is our hope that LGBTQ individuals find LGBTribe to be a safe outlet for them to discuss these challenges and find a sense of community online.

Members of our LGBT support group will have access to the latest in social network technology including a dedicated activity stream, forum and chat room.

LGBTQ therapy can be extremely helpful for people but only if they feel comfortable enough to get it.

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But it's important to discuss what gets you in the mood - the smell of sweat during sex, the sound of moaning, skin-to-skin touch, ice rubbing across your neck, eating a certain food, or being dominant.

As I explained in a previous post, about a year ago my sex life was really suffering – partly as the result of having two very young children but also due to the physical and emotional impact of living with a chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis.