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How compatible are Sagittarius women and Sagittarius men mentally, emotionally and sexually?Being of the same sun sign, the Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.Thrilling conversations traipse expansive terrain: philosophy, art, human nature, science, spirituality, dreams.Together, the impossible feels probable, and your natural confidence soars higher.The Sagittarius-Sagittarius couple could talk all night about the places they’ve seen and the people they’ve met, and discuss the various world issues they’ve learned about on their journeys.The Sagittarius couple don’t get upset when their partner isn’t there for them and they don’t worry about being left alone, for they have somewhere to be as well.Caution: the view from your rosy lenses can be a bit myopic.Sagittarius is a gambler and Aries is a charging knight—neither thinks far ahead.

You're both independent explorers, driven by lust, joie de vive and a breathtaking moxie that others mistake for arrogance.Two Sagittarians are lovers on the move, with an insatiable hunger for novel experiences.This is a common bond that makes life an adventure and always new. First dates are all about excitedly sharing their passions, and future plans.Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of reaching and risking, optimism and big rewards.They are philosophers, holding forth on the events of the day.As a fire sign, they are both trailblazers with boundless amounts of energy.