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This file is automatically created by the server when the first dynamic update takes place.

The name of the journal file is formed by appending the extension to the name of the corresponding zone file unless specifically overridden.

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Integrating DNS with e Directory greatly simplifies network administration by enabling you to enter all configuration information into one distributed database.

Dynamic Update is a method for adding, replacing or deleting records in a master server by sending it a special form of DNS messages.

The format and meaning of these messages is specified in RFC 2136. Updating of secure zones (zones using DNSSEC) follows RFC 3007: RRSIG, NSEC and NSEC3 records affected by updates are automatically regenerated by the server using an online zone key.

After you have configured the zone, the data is available to any of the Novell DNS servers you select to make authoritative for the zone.

The Novell DNS server takes advantage of the peer-to-peer nature of e Directory by replicating the DNS data.