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GACIC – First Port of Call when Doing Business with Germany Representing more than 3200 member companies GACIC is the largest organisation in the framework of business cooperation between Germany and the Arab world.

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Speed dating is an organized social event that allows a single person to meet many other single people at once rather than just going on a date with one person.

Typically, speed dating sessions are held at a club, restaurant or other venue and people speak to each other in groups of two while enjoying a drink or some food.

In that sense at least, Mr Obama is the perfect American president for the UN. Unlike George W Bush, he doesn’t ride roughshod over the organisation: indeed, his multinational upbringing makes him almost a micro-specimen of it, adding credibility to his urgings that diplomacy and selfless joint action, not the doctrine of “might is right”, were the answer to global problems.

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And if locals face such difficulties, it’s even more complicated for “expats,” the foreign expatriates still getting to know the city, many without benefit of speaking either Russian or Ukrainian well.

This precipitous and wooded bank, topped by the golden domes and spires of churches and bell towers and by high-rise apartment buildings, makes the city an attractive and impressive sight from across the Dnieper.

Since World War II, Kiev has extended onto the wide, low, and flat floodplain on the left (eastern) bank..

Most speed dating sessions today require pre-registration with a credit card.

Pre-registration is important because there needs to be an even number of males and females.