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i did it but cant find the server online am i suppose to input codes iunto the console?

plz help ppl thxbtw in the console it says this: couldn't exec couldn't exec No auth servers parsed Disabling Valve Authentication.

" // server cvars mp_friendlyfire 0 mp_footsteps 1 mp_autoteambalance 1 mp_autokick 0 mp_flashlight 1 mp_tkpunish 1 mp_forcecamera 0 sv_alltalk 0 sv_pausable 0 sv_cheats 0 sv_consistency 1 sv_downloadurl "" sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_maxspeed 320 mp_limitteams 2 mp_hostagepenalty 3 sv_voiceenable 1 mp_allowspectators 1 mp_timelimit 25 mp_chattime 10 sv_timeout 65 net_maxfilesize "100" // surf settings sv_airaccelerate 10000 sv_friction 4 sv_airmove 1 sv_stepsize 18 sv_stopspeed 75 sv_wateraccelerate 10 sv_waterfriction 1 // round specific cvars mp_freezetime 0 mp_roundtime 3 mp_startmoney 800 mp_c4timer 45 mp_fraglimit 0 mp_maxrounds 0 mp_winlimit 0 mp_playerid 0 mp_spawnprotectiontime 5 // bandwidth rates/settings sv_minrate 4000 sv_maxrate 8000 decalfrequency 60 sv_maxupdaterate 60 sv_minupdaterate 10 // server logging log off sv_logbans 0 sv_logecho 1 sv_logfile 1 sv_log_onefile 0 // operation sv_lan 0 sv_region 3 // execute ban files exec banned_exec banned_// execute mani admin plugin exec mani_//execute noblock execute es_load noblock es_load noblock //execute RPG es_load sourcerpg exec es_load sourcerpg Screenshot of server start: You don't need a screenshot of the error, since I already gave it to you (it's the exact message).

Even so, I did not had this problem until a week ago.. From a little googling of "ESteam Error 25" I found that users fixed the problem by reinstalling their server Or deleting everything but the bin and hl2 folders and reupdating.

Sa speram ca cei de la valve vor face in timp util un update la serverele de counter-strike 1.6 pentru a bloca acest exploit.

Pentru a bloca serverele de counter-strike dati click aici pentru a descarca exploitul cstrike.


and i open the administrator panel and i can see no respond..

Making a screenshot of it doesn't make any difference. Unfortunately, I'm not going to reinstall my server. Thanks for trying to help me out Tom As for the Validation Errors they are generally caused by an out of date client or server, however your server may appear to be up to date, you may have a corrupted binary somewhere...

But honestly the best solution for this problem with my experience is a reinstall...

Making a screenshot of it doesn't make any difference. Unfortunately, I'm not going to reinstall my server. Thanks for trying to help me out Tom You're abviously not. I gave him everything he needed, except for the screenshot of the error, which wasn't possible at the time.

Even so, he did not need one, since the error is the exact same one as I placed here in plain text.