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"Over the years, different groups have helped us in many areas of life, such as employment, education and housing," said Ro'i, who took part in the speed-dating event.
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Tab control validating

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You can use this property to programmatically change the current tab: You must set each Tab Page’s Tool Tip Text property in order for the tooltip to display when the mouse hovers over the tab.

This event occurs when the value of the Selected Index property changes.

It's important because the data must be entered accurately; otherwise, any analysis of the data becomes at best misleading and at worst just plain wrong.

The danger, then, lies in the fact that data entry is prone to errors but can't afford to have any.

This way the browser can focus the element and avoid the 'An invalid form control with name='xxx' is not focusable.' Only tested in chrome.

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Only works for tabs currently but the idea is to scribe to the invalid event and then show that tab before the HTML5 validation takes place.

For example, asking someone to type a customer name manually is both slow and prone to misspellings.

However, suppose you already have a Customers table with a field to the current form using a drop-down list that contains all the customers.

As a forms designer, you can help to reduce this danger by setting up your forms so that data entry is both as efficient as possible and as accurate as possible.

In some cases you can achieve both goals with a single technique.