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Being forced to accept my boyfriend's choice to move several states away without me and then rebound into a relationship with a 21-year-old sent me spiraling into an unfathomable personal hell. After four years of complete immersion in this comfortable, silly love, I found myself alone in my apartment -- without heat -- in the middle of winter. I cried and obsessed over the minutiae of the relationship I had allowed to crumble.

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I have to admit, all the disgruntled stories about dating in Thailand had me scared at first.

I remember first time stepping off that airplane in Bangkok and being hit by a wall of wonder. Beautiful women strutting by, their silky black hair swaying seductively.

That said, you should at least give online dating a shot.

Lots of attractive girls are looking for a normal guy.

Their easygoing nature makes it all the easier to relate even to new acquaintances.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all had our fair share of bad dating experiences in Thailand, but it’s no different here than it is back home.

For the most part, I can say that Thai women are some of the best I’ve met so far. But Thai ladies are very forgiving of cultural blunders and many will cater to a man’s needs out of traditional respect for the gender.

The vibe I get from the girls online is a frustrated one.

After making my own fake girl account I realized why. For fuck sake I got sent dick pics as the first message more than once.