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Scorched-Earthers pull out all the stops to make sure that the victims in their sites are hurt in some way.Many cyberbullies fall into this category, she says.

Most of the campaigns of intimidation and fear are more subtle, such as name-calling, covertly organizing a “counter-group” to polarize your community, trying to weaken your group by making you respond to rumors and lies about your group and “divide and conquer” tactics to split you from your friends and allies.It is a sign that you are taking actions which challenge the existing power relationships in your community, and that those with power want you to back off.Intimidation tactics can be overt: threats to retaliate legally, economically, energetically or (in very rare cases) physically, against your leaders, members, or your whole group.It's difficult to intimidate a person who is secure in their feelings, beliefs, and decisions. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 27% of respondents to a 2014 survey had current or previous experience with workplace bullying, while 72% were aware of workplace bullying incidents.. This type of bully isn’t concerned with keeping a low profile–they’re hard to miss because of their bombastic style.If you are being intimidated, never forget why it is happening.