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If you had a printed version of the whole of (say, the English) Wikipedia, how many printers would you need in order to keep up with the changes made to the live version?

Marein Könings This many: That's surprisingly few printers!

Topics cover just about anything: Green Day (the band), pinball, carbon black and, yes, even content marketing. Here are a few indicators that this type of content may meet your needs: To learn more about what topics Wikipedia considers notable and worthy of inclusion, read Wikipedia’s article on Notability first. I started with pages with which I was already familiar.

The steps outlined below provide a brief overview of the Wikipedia page creation process. Before creating any content on Wikipedia, learn about the Wikipedia community and how it works. My son’s fencing coach, for example, is an Olympic medalist and has a Wikipedia page.

With enough editing and creating activity under your belt, you can become an “auto-confirmed user.” This gives you permission to perform certain restricted functions, such as uploading images and moving pages to the public space. This will save you a huge amount of time once you’re ready to create your page. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia ( another marketing channel for promoting your product), and this means everything on your page needs to be verified. Even if you’re a notable inventor or a famous person who rowed across the Atlantic in a plastic tub, you can’t simply sit down and write a Wikipedia page based on your experience.

The volunteer workforce that built the project’s flagship, the English-language Wikipedia—and must defend it against vandalism, hoaxes, and manipulation—has shrunk by more than a third since 2007 and is still shrinking.

Those participants left seem incapable of fixing the flaws that keep Wikipedia from becoming a high-quality encyclopedia by any standard, including the project’s own.

When a major news event takes place, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, complex, widely sourced entries spring up within hours and evolve by the minute.

Because there is no other free information source like it, many online services rely on Wikipedia.