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Validating two user controls

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(34 printed pages) Introduction Looking at Validation The Required Field Validator Control The Compare Validator Control The Range Validator Control The Regular Expression Validator Control The Custom Validator Control The Validation Summary Control Conclusion In your studies of ASP.NET, you might have been introduced to a number of different types of controls, whether HTML server controls or Web server controls.Of course, all three of these methods, and the three control types that correspond to them, are variations on the same theme.We'll consider these custom controls later in this chapter. NET Summary: Learn how to use all the available ASP.This paper introduces these new controls and discusses tips and tricks on working with them in practical scenarios.The process of converting part of an existing HTML page into a user control is very simple; you just extract the code that creates the drop-down list into its own HTML file and name that file with the extension.

(The default for this page, if implemented, would be e-mail confirmation.) By default, the Web Forms page automatically validates that malicious users are not attempting to send script to your application even if you do not use validation controls. For information about the difference between these Web project types, see text box can be converted to a date value. The first is the custom validation code that runs when the page is submitted.

So each User Control instance required it’s own instance of the Java Script code, and this means creating an object for each instance. The User Control (The contents of the User Control that I actually created are not important here. NET developer, you will be aware of how to create and add code to a User Control) At the end of the file of the User Control, we add code to include the external Java Script file: Each instance of the User Control will now create it’s own instance of the Java Script object.

Chapter 4 includes a chart of the five types of controls supported in ASP.

Since the actions for both sets of check box lists and text lists was exactly the same, only the contents were different, it made sense to have only the one list of check box items and text list within the User Control, and simply alter the contents depending on what category it was.

The different categories were also now going to be on separate tabs rather than grouped together anyway, so it made even more sense to do it this way.