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whether a template field has information of "Command" or "String" so that later data retrieval and data binding of that particular child control will be made accordingly.A "Command" (Edit, Delete, and Insert) requires instantiation in the Button control while he "String" requires a Label or Text Box.In case of the bound field’s we need to check what column it is and need to use index of that cloumn, which is little hard and even in future if we change the column order If you see the Last Template Field part in the above code, I am using the link buttons for edit, update, delete and cancel.May be you may think why am I using link buttons as we are provided with some command field buttons by Grid View. NETLearn AJAXLearn Silverlight Learn Visual Studio Learn ADO. NETLearn Web Services Learn Controls Learn Biz Talk Learn Share Point Learn Mobile Learn SQLLearn SQL Reporting Learn Windows Forms Learn XMLLearn Crystal Reports Learn Far Point Learn Dev Express Examples ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook Sample Chapters Book Reviews Community Regular Expressions keeps an indicator in string form for a type of information within a template field i.e.

We will use Template Field, whenever we want to define some custom control in the data bound controls like Grid View, Data Grid or Data Blog ID\x3d7805972021499203804\x26blog Name\x3d ASP. code to edit the data of grid view in the same formi.e, when we click on the edit button on the gridview row,the control must goes to the column of the grid view row and allow us to make changesand then if we click on update button it should be updated on the grid .Now, coming to the member methods listed above, there is a constructer which simply sets the aforementioned data members with those passed as parameters. Container's control collection is filled with all controls in which items of each type are instantiated.Its implementation in the current scenario is a little lengthy, yet it is quite easy as we have to do a similar type of job with each control; instantiate it, set its text property with is a Button then it creates three buttons for the aforementioned tasks.The example illustrates how to delete selected rows of the ASPx Grid View bound with an in-memory Data Source.