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Come and enjoy the world famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets, live archaeology in summertime, the exclusive Eagle Eye 3D film and much more all in the heart of beautiful Northumberland National Park and central section of Hadrian's Wall.) in northern England before the Hadrian’s Wall, and is presently situated near the modern village of Bardon Mill.The documents record official military matters as well as personal messages to and from members of the garrison of Vindolanda, their families, and their slaves.Highlights of the tablets include an invitation to a birthday party held in about 100 AD, which is perhaps the oldest surviving document written in Latin by a woman.Wooden and textile objects presented include everything from wagon axles to parts of furniture, tent pegs, combs and even a child's sock!Other special finds include jewellery, bronzes, weapons and animal bones.These collections give us a very special insight into the normal everyday lives of our predecessors.

The Vindolanda Charitable Trust bring you two exciting and unmissable tourist attractions dramatically exploring Roman life on the edge of the empire 2000 years ago.The excavated tablets are nearly all held at the British Museum, but arrangements have been made for some to be displayed at Vindolanda.The texts of 752 tablets had been transcribed, translated and published as of 2010.The major excavation project was conducted during the summer of this year with the research scope being led by the Vindolanda Trust.According to Dr Andrew Briley, Director of excavations, Vindolanda Trust (as told to – This offers an unbelievable and unparalleled demographic census of a community in conflict from two millennia away from today.Occasional travellers reached the site over the next two hundred years, and the accounts they left are useful because they predate much of the stone-stealing that has damaged the site.