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Here is a snippet of the answer: def Struct(*args, **kwargs): def init(self, *iargs, **ikwargs): for k,v in kwargs.items(): setattr(self, k, v) for i in range(len(iargs)): setattr(self, args[i], iargs[i]) for k,v in ikwargs.items(): setattr(self, k, v) name = kwargs.pop("name", "My Struct") kwargs.update(dict((k, None) for k in args)) return type(name, (object,), ) In essence my question is to find out if it is possible to create a new property in runtime. Typically, I want to use properties when I need to begin managing access to an attribute in code that has downstream usage, so that I can maintain a consistent API.
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Warhawk stats not updating

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The Play Station Network version was released in Europe, Australia and Japan on August 30, August 31 and October 4 respectively.The Blu-ray Disc version was released in Australia and Europe on September 20 and September 21, respectively, but was not released in Japan.If it seems like your stats are stuck on your track's individual page or your profile, this is due to caching. you can do this by going into your track's edit page (the little pen icon below the waveform) and simply clicking 'Save'. To check your stats in the most accurate spots on the site, it's best to look at your track's stats through your Stats Overview page.Please note: It's important to know that our stats don't register self-plays.UPDATE : There are reports of some player's stats updating, however, some have confirmed that they are hung once again. Whether these are isolated automatic incidents or manual updates from elsewhere we do not know. I have tried playing on other realms (Asia and Europe) and then switching it back to US.This worked for me in the past, but something broke again and is no longer working.This process is easy and can get you 4 points in under twenty seconds.

Right now, I can basically only play ranked as a Solo Queue (which they can basically skip the middle man and just lower my rank the minute I click the button), or with people I already know.

Platform: PS4 Issue: Stats not updating points/rank Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes.

Details on how to reproduce the issue: play round, complete hutt requirements, rank up etc, watch score update at end of round, quit before next round starts, check stats.

After the 1.4 update, the number of game types increased to six with the addition of the Hero and Collection modes.

Three optional expansion packs for the game containing new maps and equipment increase the number of available maps to eight.