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In other words, they're so hot that even a possibly nonexistent romance can't keep them down.
Therapists are professionals being paid for a service, and therefore they must recognize that a power differential always exists in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy of a patient.

We are just talking not dating

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We are also “white hat”, which means that you will be learning mainly natural seduction techniques which are also emotionally healthy.

Note that we also sometimes incorporate techniques from hypnosis such as Fractionation and Derek Rake’s “ENTICE / REPEL” technique for extra efficacy.

I can't emphasize enough how we're all basically doing it already.Almost every woman I know has experienced her share of insecure men.The funniest part of all this is that most women don’t even know they’re actually in a relationship with an insecure man!Instead we play all these lame games and in the end it all hurts just as much as a breakup but then you can't even call it a breakup because you weren't dating!!!Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion designed to celebrate love and totally, completely f*** with our heads.In all my years of dating men, if there’s one thing that’s stuck out like a sore thumb in a man, it’s his insecurity.