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Unlike his squeaky-clean alter-ego Captain America, Chris Evans isn't afraid to have a little fun.

Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that the self-proclaimed "ass man" has been romantically linked to quite a few of Hollywood's brightest stars.

Instead, the NAACP Image Award nominee managed her small window of time by binge watching clips on You Tube about drug addiction.

“I knew I had to hit the ground running,” Harris, an Anna Scher Theatre School and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alumna, says, “and I knew I had to know this character and her journey inside and out.” Making history as the first actress of color to play Eve Moneypenny twice in the James Bond series, Harris continues, “There was no way to shoot sequentially, so it’s jumping backwards and forwards between the various ages, crack addition and rehab.” The London-born, Jamaican/Trinidadian descendant is the only actress in "Moonlight" to share scenes with all three incarnations of Chiron (Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Rhodes). S., the methodical starlet reprises her insights on how stepping into the role of an ashamed junkie inspires her to drop her preconceptions and prejudices about her character’s flaws.

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I think only when you come to terms with death can you really appreciate the fragility and, also, the beauty of life.The film unravels through three different periods in Chiron's life (as a tween, teenager, and some years later as a young adult) and via three different actors (Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes) as Chiron struggles with his identity within a hypermasculine environment, and the heavy emotional consequences of living under such circumstances.Let’s talk about Naomie Harris’ character as the mother, Paula, because she’s said [in interviews] that it was difficult for her, at first, to not judge this character, because there’s so much weight put on playing a black mother. So she’s coming at it from a different space because ...Posted: , Author: Ebefaxi The specialist firearms officer is part of a massive operation to protect troops performing the Changing the Guard outside the.Community support officers also lined the pavements and ceremonial wardens put out bollards.Nearly halted because of a work visa issue and her promo tour for "Spectre," a determined Harris worked closely with a voice coach via Skype to lose her delightful, ripe accent.