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The Codes are updated on a regular basis and provide contemporary advice and direction on a range of work and study situations encountered as part of our day to day campus activities.Pheme account holders are required to acknowledge and accept the Codes whenever their passwords are changed so that account holders review the most up to date version of the Codes.Study after study show that diversity of thought is critical to business success.You also know that the workforce is aging – by 2022, workers 50 will make up 35% of the labor market.

Many people meet at work before beginning a romantic relationship.The Code of Conduct details the legal and ethical obligations and expectations of all staff and students to act in accordance with the expressed standards of conduct, integrity and accountability contained in relevant legislation, University policies and Agreements.If you're thinking of creating ethical guidelines for your business, you'll probably want to review some sample code of ethics online as a starting point.If a reasonable employee quits solely because a recent change as a consequence of nepotism made working conditions extraordinarily intolerable, then it might constitute constructive discharge, a form of wrongful termination.The Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct represent the highest level of University policy and form part of the University’s accountability framework.It's also important to answer (and define) the question of 'what is ethics' at the outset of our thought process.